Ilex meserveae



Is a sport from `LITTLE RASCAL’ based on selections by Nevus Gasere in Oregon Winter hardiness is surprisingly good for such an origin being zone 5B as illustrated growth is semi upright but internally branching with relatively soft spined small but numerous bright and glossy leaves. This is another candidate that we have been offered by Kordes for our possible Buxus substitutes, feature plants, small sheltered areas. Maximum growth after 5 to 6 years is going to be around 1 metre with a diameter of .9 metres so it is similar to an upright evergreen cylinder with great leaf health but not guaranteed year to year. Rich browny plum central coloured stems.

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Key Features

  • Compact and well branched
  • Possible low hedging use
  • Slow growing suited to smaller gardens
  • Good garden hardiness

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