Betula pendula

Fastigiata JOES ® ‘Jolep1’


This very healthy column birch characterizes itself through its sleek upward growth and a very beautiful white bark which has already been visible for 3 years. The propagation is from cuttings. ‘Fastigiata Joes’ will grow into a fully grown tree within 5 years, including the cutting period, reaching heights of 4 to 5 metres. Its orange yellow autumn colours still add another dimension to this breed. ‘Fastigiata Joes’ is not sensitive to illnesses. It is ideal for smaller gardens and as a driveway tree. Good winter hardiness.

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Key Features

  • Upright column forming tree
  • Beautiful white bark all year round
  • Added interest with orange autumn colour
  • Interesting tree for areas with limited space

Awards & Recognitions

National Plant Show Best in Category Trees

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