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Welcome to Genesis Plant Marketing. Established in 1990, the UK's first and most experienced independent Plant Breeders' Advisory & Marketing Agency.  

The Key Points to Consider

  • Is your plant really novel?
  • Is the new plant actually yours? This may seem obvious to you, but it can cause problems if, further down the line, the information you are able to provide to substantiate ownership is inadequate. You need be clear on this at the outset.
  • Is your plant garden worthy?
  • Does your plant have commercial and promotable value?
  • Can your plant be propagated effectively by the Trade?

In order to answer these questions, it is essential to compare your plant with current competitors in the market place. Please do contact us for a short assessment, free of charge. We are able to advise you on a completely independent basis and can identify the right professional nurseries to evaluate your variety.

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