Plant Breeders

We offer a truly professional service and always make the following our priority:

  • To give you an impartial and well-informed view on your new plant's market potential. Our plant knowledge and experience in the field mean we are well placed to find the right professional nurseryman to evaluate and market your new variety.
  • "Specialist Test & Talk"™ Agreements "Test & Talk" is our name for the agreements we write on behalf of Breeders between them and the nurseries selected to evaluate their plants' commercial potential. With our Test & Talk agreement in place, you are best placed to legally prevent your plant being exploited without your permission.
  • We keep you informed at regular intervals about the progress of your plants in trials.
  • Tailored Marketing Agreements once the commercial trials of your plant are successfully completed. Genesis will take care of the contractual and administrative side of marketing and licensing your variety and provide you with regular market and financial reports.
  • We discuss and agree with you who will market your plant by country and provide you with a commercial plan.

We see our involvement with the Breeder as a partnership – it is, after all, your variety not ours, but when we are successful in marketing it, this benefits us both.  And if you like to travel, we hope you will visit the Licensees we have signed up to trial & commercialise your variety.

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