Our Services

  • Appraisal of New Varieties
  • Test & Talk™ agreements to cover the trialling period
  • PBR, Patent and/or Trade Mark applications and follow through service
  • Tailored Marketing Agreements
  • Licensing & Royalty Collection service in the UK & worldwide through our network of specialist agents
  • Timely payment to Breeders of Royalties collected with full product & financial reporting
  • Clients' Royalties are held in a special Client Account for financial security
  • Financial Projections for Individuals/Banks/Other Financial entities
  • Advice to Breeders on current market needs/trends
  • Training & Talks on the subject of Plant Breeders' Rights & Licensing
  • Advice on relevant new Technology

Our Expertise

  • Genesis is not owned by growers
  • Genesis is not engaged in the commercial production of plants
  • We work solely for Breeders and Discoverers of new plant varieties
  • To date we have marketed more than 1150 varieties on behalf of 160 different breeders
  • We provide a complete service tailored to the needs of the Plant Breeder
  • We ensure the Breeder’s best interests are protected at all times
  • Our expertise covers the whole range of plant marketing – plants for the garden, amenity use, for industrial, medicinal and cosmetic applications as well as for food products.
  • We have experience in the agricultural as well as horticultural sector.

Contact Us

Feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 1621 874808 or send us a message below.